Armando Sebastian

Artist Statement


 My first trip out of my home town was to Mexico city. when I was 5 years old, there are a few things that I remember very clearly: our visit to Teotihuacan; the two pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, with stone carvings of snakes and humans all over the place ,people praying ,people picnicking, people selling all kinds of things; calacas, little Dioses (Aztec Idols) ,hats ,Mexican candies, even elotes. The Cathedral …the magnificence of this building, the smell of old wood, the silence, the sense of the reverence and devotion, the beauty of the saints and angels in the retablo of the central altar. I also remember the grand Zocalo, the Alameda Central, and all the wonderful structures built by Mexicans hands while driving around the city in my grandpa’s old truck listening to Los Panchos, Edie Gorme and Julio Jaramillo. This was an enchanted world to me , a unique mixture of the Aztec Kingdom and the Espanoles bringing new things from the Viejo Mundo.
Once when we were walking in downtown Mexico City I felt a mysterious presence in the air, I remember being so excited because my mom was always telling me tales about everything, even when I knew that she was probably just making it up, but I think that stimulated my imagination and all those things made me fall in love with my culture and the ancient Mexico.
Since then I have felt a strong connection with my people, and I draw and paint using bright colors inspired by Mexican folk art, the human body ,my feelings, “ dichos Mexicanos” (Mexican sayings) ,and a Mexican sense of humor ,my work includes paintings with reference to poets,music icons and symbols amid vibrant landscapes inspired by the greatest Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo,Chagall and  Salvador Dalí. I would say that my pieces are an unusual mix of religious images, Mexican folkloric art, Japanese manga and 18th century art.





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