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Ciervos en primavera / Parallel Universe



By Leticia Alaniz 

In Parallel Universe / Ciervos en Primavera, Sebastian applies his deep understanding and connection to the art of Leonora Carrington.  In this scene, a powerful act of his imagination depicts a divine world with a sense of time-related to the here and now, but also eternity.  His space and dimension for creation are open and boundless.  It brims over and you’re pulled in.  It's a different world with an alchemy of symbols. It's a scene that invites the viewer to step back and let you observe details and small moments.  Glorified in the power of color to awake love and passion, there is a boy hidden behind an evergreen garden of perfumed blossoms begging for pollination.  Drawn by his sense of smell, his masked, peeking eyes are oblivious of a hungry, black, serpent eating a fawn and his defeated mother.  In his harmonious garden, he stands tall like the obelisk at the distant hills and he is master of his paradise.  The scene is framed by a theatrical red curtain, perhaps a symbol of palpitating blood, he’s in another mysterious dimension, unbeknownst to him that the viewer is observing his world.  

 mando Sebastian is deeply connected to his Mexican roots.  Culture plays a major role in his work.  He carries with him a sketchbook so that wherever he may be, he can doodle ideas that come to mind.  His love of music such as boleros, ballads, and electronic music, poetry, coffee, and chamomile tea nourish his senses while he works.  His process for each piece usually starts with the burning of incense, a shrine of objects, and a collage or inspirational board that fills his studio with artistic energy.  He’s mostly inspired to work in the early dawn hours, but he also works at night.  His studio is his sanctuary.  
Sebastian’s hope for his extensive body of work is to transcend time, language, and cultural boundaries.  He hopes to reflect on human experiences and to record the expressive mind that will live on.


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